Monday, March 16, 2009

[Share] Msv Drive E: Change your Message Storage to MMC

There are some unlucky Symbian phone, Nokia NGage, Nokia NGage QD, Nokia 6260, and Nokia 3230. Why I call them unlucky Symbian phones?Yeah, it’s reasonable since they don’t have ability to change message storage to memory card ( in this case, MMC). Even the older phones than them have it such Nokia 3650, Nokia 3660, Nokia 6600.

It’s very annoying to accept this reality, as this feature is very very important for all Symbian phones users to back up all important messages to memory card. Because phone memory is not too safe to use for storage media since there are many cases caused all data in phone memory lost due to mal-used, virus, formatted, upgrade, and many more.

But don’t worry for all phones users I explained above, since the coming of MsvDriveE. I don’t know who is the developer as it has no interface even. But whoever is he, he must be granted because can re-function the important phone ability. This application is very simple to use but for some people, they may confuse as this application has no interface. So, after you install this application, you’ll see an application icon ( it has no its own icon instead ) with a word MsvDriveE below. Then open it, you’ll see your phone screen become blank. As I told you that this application has no interface, that’s why it appears with a blank screen. Then you’ll see this application close itself. But don’t worry there is no danger happened.

This application is automatically change your message storage to drive E ( memory card ) when you open it. So, after the application automatically closed, look to your Message menu then you’ll find MMC icon on the left side above.

Download MsvDriveE here:

This application is recommended to install on Nokia NGage, Nokia NGage QD, Nokia 6260, Nokia 3230 as they don’t have ability to change message storage to MMC.

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