Thursday, January 29, 2009

[How to] Get Rapidshare Premium Accounts for FREE?

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Rapidshare has been dominating the file-hosting web services over the last couple of years. As we know, you can download the files from rapidshare either as a free user or a premium user. The amount of restrictions on using the free service is magnanimous. So, the best way to handle this is to opt for the Premium account!

There have been lots and lots of discussion on How to get Rapidshare Premium accounts for free? There are lots of Rapidshare premium account generators available but most of them spread malware and spyware, basically good for nothing websites.

So, how to get Rapidshare Premium Accounts for FREE?.....

Well, the answer is simple. I will be sharing some links to sites which gives away premium accounts for FREE!! Thanks to some loyal readers like Abraham! Simple guidelines first -

* do NOT try changing the password, this account is not meant for you alone, understand the rule of ‘Sharing is Caring’.
* do NOT overuse the account, use it only when necessary.
* do NOT forget to logout from the account once you are done.
* do NOT forget to SUBSCRIBE to Technically Personal either by RSS or by Email. This is to ensure you do not miss out the updates and get to know about the exciting posts instantly!

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Fadey Jevera said...

jadi udah di tes belom ini monk

POE2NK said...


jelas udah donk, masak udah lah :p intinya cuma sabar aja mencari bro, pasti akan menemukan pencerahan :shakehand

Divyanshu Singh Chouhan said...

Thanks DUde For Giving My Link Here.

FRIENDS, Check Latest Rapidshare Premium Accounts for 07 Feburary are Available on

POE2NK said...

your welcome Div :)

it's my pleasure that i can share this info for everyone :)

buzyline said...

than 4 share my link here..

mawarung said...

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